Center for Professional Development

A Center for Professional Development is subordinated unit to the International Relations Office of the University, it is approved by the order N101-17 of the rector and it is regulated by its statutes.
The aim of the CPD unit is to support the improvement of Quality of the education and its approaching to the Modern Standards trough the implementation/Dissemination of the Learner-Centered Teaching, which was elaborated within the STAR project. To determine the needs of professional development of academic and administrative staff of the university and its supporting.
Objective of the center are:
To organize the training / workshop
To inform its academic/administrative staff about the training/workshops regarding their professional development, held outside of the university
To create materials for training and its dissemination
The activity of the center is based on PDCA cycle: Plan, Do, Check, Act
The center is headed by the International Relations Office. CPD unit cooperates with QA office of the university in the process of offering several trainings and activities.
CPD unit is created within the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Sustainable learner centered Teaching – Advanced Resources for Georgia and China STAR”.

The provision of the Center


The activities:

A workshop for academic staff of faculty of Theology

“Learner Centred Teaching” training for academic staff

STAR project interim report and presentation of CPD unit

Planning of the activities of CPD unit