Starting the day of its foundation, Sulkhan – Saba Orbeliani Teaching University has been intensively involved in the scientific-research activities. The studies cover the key fields that are taught in the university and are carried out in several directions such as: translation activities, textbooks, monographs and periodical issues. The academic personnel and different-level students are also involved in the research process as well as the professors from the partner universities.

More than 50 publications of different character have been made since the University was established (see the publications). Most of the issues are intensively integrated in the teaching process across Georgia.

The university supports the intense engagement of the academic staff and students in the academic-scientific activities. Aimed at this, business trips to the partner universities and research institutions abroad have been organized as well as the assistance in reception of research grants and their implementation, funding and dissemination of the issues.

The Faculty of Law

As organized by the American Law and Law Philosophy Department, a scientific conference named ‘Complex Cases in Court Practice’ is held on an annual basis. The reports presented during the conferences are issued as a collection of works. The first conference of this nature was held in July, 2017. Starting 2018 it has been held regularly.

In 2018 an international conference ‘Law and Global Security’ was laid foundation. Starting 2019 it will be held annually in partnership with Catholic University of Ljubljana.

Sulkhan – Saba Orbeliani Teaching University has also joined the publishers of ‘Law Methods’. The second and following issues of the journal will be published in cooperation with Prince David Institute for Law, GMG and Partners and Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University as well as Sulkhan –Saba Orbeliani Teaching University.

With the organization of the American Law Department the classical works of Ronald Dworkin, John Rawls, Gustav Radbruch and other scholars will be translated and published.

The Faculty of Business and Tourism

In autumn, 2017 the National Tourism Administration of Georgia conducted a research of the tourist companies in which the students of the Faculty of Business and Tourism of Sulkhan – Saba Orbeliani Teaching University were intensively involved. As part of the survey the students polled 192 internal tourist companies. Based on the obtained data the key attractive markets for travelling, popular areas, offered tour types were defined.  

 In the process of the research the student obtained an experience of conducting surveys and deepened their knowledge on the real condition of the tourist sector.

As organized by the Business and Tourism Faculty an annual student conference ‘Business Challenges and Relevant Issues of Sustainable Tourist Development’ is held. The students of the university make a conference report. The best reports are issued as a collection.

Studying the tourist potential of Guria region with German expert specialists

The International Tourism Association organized to hold a workshop at Sulkhan – Saba Orbeliani Teaching University regarding the sustainable development of tourism in Georgia. The workshop was aimed at the conduction of a research on the regional development of Guria in terms of tourism.

The meeting applied to the growth of Georgia’s regional tourist potential. German professors and MA students and lecturers and students from Sulkhan – Saba Orbeliani Teaching University Business and Tourism Faculty were intensively involved in the process.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

Starting 2017, Sulkhan – Saba Orbeliani Teaching University has been hosting an international symposium ‘Catholic Heritage in Georgia’.

The event objective is to analyze the importance of the Rome Catholic Church in the Establishment and Development of the Georgian Culture and Identity and trips to the Georgian regions of cultural and historical significance are planned as part of the symposium.

International Relations

The Institute of Post – Soviet Studies represents a non-profit, non-commercial, non-political analytical institute founded at Sulkhan – Saba Orbeliani Teaching University, focused on the interdisciplinary researches of the post-soviet countries.

The Institute is authorized to conduct public meetings, training courses, international or/and university conferences.

The institute aims to contribute to the deeds of studying the post-soviet transformation researches and establish academic ties with the analytical centers of Georgia, post-soviet countries, as well as the ones of the similar profile in the EU and U.S.

On May 19, 2018 the Institute of Post-Soviet Studies conducted an international conference  - ‘Post Soviet Countries – Challenges, Prospects’ where Georgian and foreign professors participated in.

Starting 2018 an international student conference on International Relations has been constantly conducted involved by the students of the Faculty of Humanities of Sabauni.

The research centers of Sabauni:

  • Institute for Development Studies – Director – Nino Papachashvili.
  • Center for Social Teaching of the Church – Director – Vazha Vardidze.
  • Institute for Energy Law and Climate Changes - CEO – Maka Partsvania.
  • Human Rights Clinic – Head – Giorgi Chipchiuri.
  • Research Institute - დ Director – Gocha Barnovi.
  • Center for Georgian, German and Comparative Private Law – Director Nino Katamadze, CEO – Mario Shutze.
  • Institute of Post-Soviet Studies – Director – Irakli Javakhishvili.
  • Center for Crime and Criminal Justice – Head – Ushangi Bakhtadze.
  • Language Center – Head – Shorena Gogiashvili.
  • Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Technology Law – Director – Paramjiit Singh Berwal.
  • Center for American Law and Legal Philosophy – Head – Dimitri Gegenava.