Admission on Bachelor’s Academic Program

Enrolment on the Bachelor’s Academic Program and granting student’s status is carried out according to the document relevant to ranges of Unified National Examinations or/and legislative requirement envisaged in the ordinance N 224 by the Minster of Education and Science of Georgia dated December 29, 2011.

An entrant is subject to primary registration to obtain the student’s status.

The primary registration includes the following stages:

  • Administrative registration;
  • Passing internal exams defined by the university (applying to those who have not passed national examinations)
  • Contract execution;
  • Academic registration.

The following documents are required to be introduced while administrative registration at the university:

  • Application to the Principal (the application form available at the university);
  • The receipt confirming the first semester tuition fee has been paid (the university bank requisites are available at the university or university website);
  • The original and copy of a full secondary/general education certificate ( in case of getting respective education in different country – the document recognized by the National Center for Enhancement of Education Quality) ;
  • A photocopy of an ID card by presenting its original at the same time (in case of foreign nationality, passport/ID card copy and its notarized translation);
  • Two printed photos of 3X4 resolution and e-version of the photo on a CD;
  • The original and copy of a military document (from those subject to military censorship);
  • Filled out special application form (the form is available at the university)
  • Any other document (if the Bachelor educational program or/and current legislation envisages any).

Passing the internal examinations determined by the university( applies to only those who have not passed Unified National Examinations )

English language examination (B2 level, the applicant should accumulated at least 61% in the test) or present a certificate showing B2 level of English, in particular: FCE; IELTS- 5.5-6.5; TOEFL Paper 513-547; TOEFL CBT-183 – 210; TOEFL IBT- 65-78 (Note: while applying, all aforementioned certificates should be valid. Invalid documents are rejected)

  • Interview in order to find out the program language knowledge level.

Note:Those being enrolled via Unified National Examinations must show at least 75% result in terms of evaluation in English.

Contract execution with entrants.

In the process of academic registration, students are registered at the curriculum of the Bachelor’s academic program.

Annual tuition fee
English-language Bachelor’s program in Business Administration – 2500 USD

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