Student Affairs Office

  • Objective The key objective of the Students’ Career Growth and Promotion Office

is to support the personal and career development of the alumni.

The department focuses on the two main aspects:

  • Student career growth and support services
  • Student events
  • Examination of the student needs

We deeply believe in that all activities should be planned in a fashion that the students’ problems, needs and interests should be found out and taken into account. Therefore, we conduct regular studies for the student career development and by taking the results into account, we identify the objectives and action plan.

  • The individual and group career consultation service

Sabauni students have an opportunity to receive career-related counseling and pieces of advice regarding the issues such as how to write CVs and cover letter, how to find a job, how to act during an interview, how to develop required skills, professional orientation, personal development, etc.

  • Vacancies per week

  Students’ Career Growth and Promotion Office regularly provide the students with information on the current employment and internship opportunities.

  • Courses for career development

The university holds a course for career development on a regular basis that is aimed to provide the students with the skills and knowledge that will help them achieve success at the employment market. Within the framework of the course the students have an opportunity to meet with representatives of leading HRs in Georgia, as well as the managers and founders of the leading Georgian companies that will share their experience with them in terms of career and personal development.

  • The university internship programme

About ten departments of Sulkhan – Saba Orbeliani University announce internship programmes twice a year. As part of the programmes the students can work as interns for three month and receive practical experience in the field they are interested in.

  • Annual HR forum

With the support of the Students’ Career Growth and Promotion Office the university holds a forum on the annual basis. Representatives of the leading Georgian companies and different university take part in the forum. The event is aimed at analyzing the situation at the labor market of Georgia as well as the requirements and expectation of the employers, identify the defects that prevent the employers from searching for the qualified employees that are acceptable to their organizations and, on the other hand, to find out the skills that are to be improved for the alumni to be employed with success. The forum is also focused on to identify what can be done by the employers and universities together to solve the problem.

  • Other supporting activities

The university also holds meetings with the employers on a regular basis, as well as workshops, trainings and other events that support the career and personal development of the students.

The students are free to visit the room # 105 from Monday to Friday. Tel: 2 42 22 42/118