31 January
Nicolaus Copernicus University professor at Sabauni

On 16-20 December of 2019, within the Erasmus+ ICM program Sabauni hosted prof. Piotr Siemiatkowski from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, who gave the lectures for the students from the faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences (BA of International Relations) and Business and Tourism about the: “External financial security of the European Union member states outside the Eurozone” and “The Eastern Partnership Policy of EU Room”.

In addition to the lectures, the Polish professor had meetings with the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, prof. Gocha Barnovi and Dean of the Faculty of Business and Tourism, prof. Tamta Mikaberidze. During the meetings there were highlighted the great wish of deepening of cooperation between the two institutions, in the framework of Erasmus+ and Joint project.

“The Erasmus + program is a great opportunity to bring institutions, colleagues and nations closer together. From this mobility I have acquired new colleagues with whom we have already planned future plans. Such projects promote career development of participants and increase employment opportunities (for students).”- mentioned Prof. Siemiatkowski at the end of the mobility.

Prof. Siemiatkowskis’ visit was productive for the faculty of Business and Tourism, since polish colleague Professor has big experience in economics and is a member of several scientific journals, he promised the support in this regard.  After the meeting, the Memorandum of understanding between the faculty of business and tourism of Sabauni and the faculty of Political Science and Security Department of the UMK was signed aiming to deepen the partnership in scientific direction. The MoU envisages the cooperation between the institute of research development of Sabauni and Polish journal “International research of Torun” as well as our involvement in the editorial staff and the Evaluation Panel of it" – said prof. Mikaberidze

During the meeting with prof. Gocha Barnovi, the establishment of cooperation with the faculty of Theology of UMK was discussed.

Sabauni with the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun cooperates from 2018. In the frame of ongoing Erasmus+ ICM program, one professor of Sabauni will visit UMK in April.